Killed To Death 2

The Story

Bruce Wallis plays Chip North who just got out of prison having done twenty years for a crime what he didn’t even was guilty for.

When he gets home his whole family are immediately killed by professional terrorists and all his money is stolen. Then they burn down his house and leave him for dead.
With no money and nowhere to live or sleep, plus he don’t even know how to drive, Chip seeks revenge against those invisible dark forces what put him in the ice slammer.

Denzel Warrington plays the part of Ramon Diablo, him and Chip was best friends at school (but fell out over a girl).
Ramon now owns a massive oil conglomerate and is trying to put a very big oil pipe through where Chip used to live when he owned a house and had a wife.

Is Ramon somehow behind all Chip’s bad luck?

In a world with nothing left to lose, one man is willing to lose everything. Again.


Semi optioned with full pre development underway.


Contract negotiations.