Lip Service

The Story

Jason Statton is Frank Pillar, one of the most highest paid whistlers in the whole world.

But then his lips get blown off in a gas explosion.

Steven Seagal plays Dr Hamilton Montfort, he is the Number One lip surgeon anywhere you care to look.
But Frank, he aint got afford Dr Montfort for the expensive lip surgery but Montfort says he does it free (100% discount) but in exchange Frank does a little job for him, secretly on the old QT.
BUT things get tricky when Frank finds out the job:
He has to break into London Bank of England, what is protected by sonic radar lasers . He has got a lot more on his plate than what he bargains for.
Frank will have to do some of his best whistling ever to defuse the sonic alarm so he can crack open the big safe and get the diamonds.

Problem is, Frank’s wife works at the bank and if she knew what he was up to she’d go potty.

OST by Steve Seagal


Pre Production


Mostly sorted