Quick And Cross 3

The Story

Ray Quick (Vim Deetzl) is a retired top racing driver who has been framed for a bad murder and the truth is he weren’t nowhere near where when it was done but the only person what knows the truth is local stripper Sally Glitz (Pam Androssen) and now she’s gone bloody missing. 

WPC Bobby Cross, FBI (Robin Dinero) is an out of control cop who don’t play by the rules and always shoots first.

He thinks Quick done the murder, no question, and he will stop at nothing to bring him to justice or just shoot him in the back or both.

But truth is, Quick was having an intense sex affair with Glitz and Mexican Cartel Drug Overlords have kidnapped her because Quick owes them lots of money for all the drugs he has been doing and if he don’t pay the ransom they will kill her and also tell his manager that he’s doing illegal coke, which means he’ll probably get sacked, or at the least a written warning.

So now Quick and Cross have to team up even though they hate each other’s guts but they’ve only got sixty minutes before the Cartel shoot Sally and everything goes to shit.


Pre Production Development


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