the gladiators

The Story

It’s 300 AD and Russell Crewe is back as Maximo Steel, what is one of the best Gladiator fighters in whole of Rome. One day King Caesar gets cross with him and set a load of tigers onto his family and they all get eaten to death.

Then he sends his top boys after Maximo to kill him as well.

Maximo has to goes on the run (on horseback) and has to wear a disguise to sneak back into Rome (he’s a wanted man) and will now try to kill the king, but the only way to do that is to pretend to be a different gladiator. He will have to fight all sorts of men and animals (and three crocodiles) before he makes it to the big Finals, where the King himself goes head to head with Maximo in a very hard sword fight.

Also, someone has shot Maximo in the leg with some arrows and it’s pretty painful to walk so the odds are well stacked against him.

It don’t make things no easier when you realise that Maximo used to do sex affairs with the King’s wife (before they got together) so that complicates things.

Join the adventure to find out if once again Russell Crewe can be a top gladiator, again.


Semi optioned with full pre development underway.


Contract negotiations.